Create your own SMS bomber script 2018

Disclaimer :- This script is only for educational purpose. Use at your own risk .

Hello readers, welcome back to another post. So today I'll tell you how to create your own SMS bomber script.
So let's gets started.....

Q.)What is sms bomber?
=>It is a process in which a user can spam your inbox with a plenty of waste messages just to prank you.
Q.) What does our script do?
=>It automates the task of sending useless messages to the victim. You have to just enter his/her mobile no. and press enter.
1)Index.php file:-Download
3)Little brain....
Note:First verify captcha after that wait for 12 sec and then click on get link .You will be redirected to the downloading page .

Step1)Go to
Step2)Click on [Sign up for free]
Step3)Click on [get for free] 
Step4)Type the website name you want
Step5)Fill the sign up form
Step6)Verify captcha
Step7)You will see a interface like this
Step8)Click on Manage website 
Step9)Verify your email
Step10)After verifying you will see a interface like this
Step11)Click on file manager at the top
Step12)Click on upload files now
Step13)Wait for 4-5 sec you will be redirected to file manager
Step14)Click on upload icon
Step15)Upload index.php file which you downloaded from above in public_html
Step16)After uploading you will see the interface like this
Step17)Simply go back to the file manager tab and click on your website .....
Step18)You will see that your script is made..
How to use that script :- CLICK HERE
Thanks for viewing....
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