PUBG latest mod version 0.7.0 scripts

Hello readers welcome back,so today I'm providing you all PUBG latest No-root & Antiban scripts
So ,let's begin…

The mod Lua script used in this video was tested by me .I have played more than 3 days to test this patch and works fine without ban. If you fear of getting banned i recommended to first use the script in Guest mode then if works fine without ban use it on FB login/G+ login. I am not responsible if your account got banned by PUBG update patches.

Requirements :-
1)Game Guardian app
2)LUA scripts
3)PUBG game


» Less Recoil
» No Recoil
» Magic Bullet v1
» Magic Bullet v2
» Player Wall hack v1
» Player Wall hack v2
» Player Wall hack v3
» Body Pixel
» Body Blue
» Body Green
» Body Yellow
» Body Pink
» Body Red v1
» Body Red v2
» Body Black v1
» Body Black v2
» Body White v1
» Body White v2
» Body White v3
» Micro Aim bot v1
» Micro Aim bot v2
» Medium Aim bot
» Ultra Aim bot
» Item Wall hack
» Slow Landscape
» Black Landscape
» Violet Vegetation
» Black Sky
» Antenna Run side v1
» Antenna Run side v2
» Antenna Run Up
» Antenna Run Big
» Antenna Always
» No grass v1
» No grass v2
» No tree v1
» No tree v2
» Acceleration UAZ
» Underwater UAZ
» Firing Rate M4
» Firing Rate AK
» Firing Rate SC
» Player model big
» Player model small
» Long Jump
» High Jump
» Lift Sit Down Aim
» Micro Speed hack
» Extended review
» Fast Walk
» Drive through walls
» X8 item antenna
» Quick weapon Switch
» Kar98k power shot
» Kar98k item antenna
» Visual lift
» Flying Buggies
» Bypass scripts
» and more....

Tutorials :-
1)Download GameGuardian app: Click here
2)Download LUA Scripts: Click here
3)Open Game Guardian app and click on start
4)Now open PUBG game and select the mode you want to play
5)Open GameGuardian and click on execute script
6)Then load the script from the downloaded path
7)And click on execute
8)Then selcect the script you want to use. .. 

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