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Hello readers welcome to The Android Boy's first post. So today I'll tell you top 2 way to send free SMS anonymously.

Free SMS 

Basically free SMS means to send SMS free of cost. Free SMS simply uses your IP address and delievers your message to the receiver without knowing that it was you.

So , let's get started....

1) Free SMS sender scripts
=>Free sms script helps an individual a lot to send free SMS. It usually uses your IP address to deliever your message .
I'll be providing you free SMS script ...

Q)How to use that script?
Step1- Enter your mobile no .without country code and without spaces .
Step2-Enter your message upto 140 characters
Step3- Click the submit button once you are done.
Free SMS script:-Click here

Note:If asked,first verify captcha after that click on the link wait for 5 sec and then click on (SKIP AD ) at the top .

=>India's largest free messaging destination, helping over 50 Million users to connect with their families and friends and also in saving their mobile bills.

Step1- Go to
Step2-Login/Register to
Step3-Simply select Send sms and write the no. of the receiptent
Step4-Enter your message and click on submit
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