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Increase Instagram Followers

Hello users, so today I'm going to tell you the secret apps developed by me to get free instagram followers. Its totally free of cost, you don't have to pay even a single penny for using that apps. The procedure to use that apps is very simple.
So let's begin....

How to get free likes & followers?

Inc instagram followers First you need to install our official Instagram followers apk i.e IG and ZX followers.

Inc instagram followers After installing IG & ZX Follower app you need to create a fake acc. Simply go to instagram login page and click on sign up. Make sure to sign up using any random gmail. Set the username and password.

Inc instagram followers After creating a fake acc simply open our app. Login with your fake acc in our app. In ZX Follower click on {GIRIS} on the top right corner.

Inc instagram followers After logging in you will see a page with a sub heading【Send followers】click on it. After that enter your real username and fill the amount which was given below the【Send followers】sub heading.

FAQ regarding our apps

Q1. Why i have to create fake instgram account?
Answer. The account which we uses to signin in the app gets increase in following to large number. So make fake account rather than using real account

Q2. How much followers i can get using IG & ZX Followers?
Answer. You can get 500 followers every hour. Because this trick works only one time in one hour. So after getting 500 followers you can get next 500 after one hour

Q3. I haven’t got any followers?
Answer. Its impossible if you haven’t get followers after using my latest app. But if you are using old apps then it is normal. Please always up to date.

Q4. Do i will loose these followers?
Answer. Since these are not bots and are real poeple like you and me so its their own choice to unfollow you. But don’t worry you will not loose all your followers. It is like 20% of all you gets everytime.

Q5. Can i get likes and Comments using your apps?
Answer. Yes you can not only get followers but also likes and comments also. You need to copy the photo/ image link and send likes and for comments copy post link and send comments.

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Some common issues

Inc instagram followers After logging in IG Followers it got stuck on welcome page.
>>Simply click once the back button of your device. It will automatically redirect you to the destination page

Inc instagram followers Cannot find the login button in ZX Followers
>> In ZX Followers click on 【GIRIS】on the top right corner.

Inc instagram followers Error is showing in login page of your app
>> It must be because your acc is suspended or removed, try to create a new acc using the method given above.
Watch the video tutorial
Wanna watch a video tutorial on this. We have one for you:-
Click here to watch:-
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