How PUBG Mobile Earns Money? Top 10 Weird facts about PUBG

PUBG Mobile

Player Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royals game developed and published by PUBG Corporation a subsidiary of South Korean video game by company Bluehole.

PUBG Mobile was released on March 19,2018 on Android & IOS platform.
This game is basically a shooting Battle royale game, where you have survive in a particular chosen map.

PUBG Facts, Top 10 Weird facts about PUBG

Top 10 Weird facts about PUBG Mobile

  • When PUBG was launched it came with only one map naming Erangel. The weird thing about this map is, it is the only Island in the black sea, which is a real location. Way back in 20th century this location was withing Russia. Sohail sen attacked and captured this Island in 1950, so that his army can have a place to make a camp.
  • There is a place in Erangel naming "Military Base". This place used to be the area of residence for the army. There they used to keep lots of items. Right from their eating stuffs till their fighting materials
  • The people living on that island was not comfortable with them. Thus, this lead to War. Where army easily won the battle over normal civilians and the result was that the people living there had to leave that island.
  • Most of the people think that PUBG game is made by the Chinese but that's the wrong information. This PUBG game is developed by the Bluehole Company of Korrea. The developer of the game is BRANDAN GREENE who is from Ireland.
  • When PUBG's first edition was launched on 23rd march 2017, it has sold 2 million C.D's in just one month which is quite a big achievement for PUBG
  • Bluehole studio did not even spend a single penny on PUBG advertisement. This game became popular because of its gameplay which was unique at that time. 
  • Everyday 87 million people play this game. 27 million monthly players online. And more than 10 million of them are on Android. About 8 crore people play this game, giving the title of most popular game of all the time.
  • Now just think this game so popular then what will be the income of its developer. Till date PUBG hasn't released its income but they had told the income of one month in February which was 103 million USD.
  • The phrase Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is a common phrase used by gamblers at casinos most especially in Las Vegas. Chicken dinner used to cost less than $2, so when a player won a bet it would mean that it was a meal they could of afford.
  • PUBG sets the world record for the most simultaneous players at once. The number of player played for the simultaneous records for 1,342,857 beating record of Dota 2
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How PUBG earns?

Till now you might be thinking the way of income of the developer of pubg. Remember a phrase:-

"If you are not paying for the product, remember that you are the product"

While PUBG does make money from in-app purchases, their hidden source of revenue is evil, they sell your data. Of course.!.

But the data in question here is primarily your voice chat. You see, the in-build voice chat option gives a peek into all of our lives. By listening into the audio from a nearby television or other devices, they pick up keywords which are, in-turn sold to advertisers for a large profit. 

Look into the search term ‘Alphonso’.
Came across this when I was surprised to see a targeted ad about some kind of a turtle conservation plan on Instagram moments after I had watched a youtube video. But the funny thing was that the video had nothing to do with turtle conservation but it did happen to mention it a couple of times.
Checked my phone and found PUBG running in the background (forgotten to close it after a sesh).

Had similar experiences multiple times after realizing what was actually happening.

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